My Travel Bucket List

When it’s winter and I’m in a cold part of the world (managed to partially evade that for the second year in a row, phew!), I often dream of visiting tropical islands instead of being at home. That’s also when I look for things to add to my travel bucket list. So, in case you need some inspiration to fill up your travel bucket list, here’s mine!

1. Visit Easter Island

Moai Easter Island travel

Let’s just kick off this list really big. I really want to see the Moai on Easter Island. I haven’t found a budget way to get there, so it might have to be a splurge during a trip to South America. Who knows. All I know it that I have to visit some day.

2. Skydiving

The location doesn’t matter, as long as it’s abroad. When I was in Cape Town my skydiving trip was cancelled three times. Bloody wind made it impossible to go. So this one is still on my travel bucket list. Other destinations where I wouldn’t mind skydiving? New Zealand, Australia or the Victoria Falls.

3. Swimming with Wild Dolphins

Just to be clear, dolphins do not belong in a pool. So swimming with dolphins in a Mexican swimming pool might give you negative karma points and it doesn’t count towards your travel bucket list. However, in Mozambique it’s possible to swim and snorkel in between wild dolphins. After seeing them cruise by while surfing, there seems something unreal about swimming in between them.

4. Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef

I don’t think this one needs much of an explanation. However, if it does, it’s simple, it’s one of the biggest and prettiest reefs in the world. Since I can’t dive (yet) snorkelling might be the most realistic option. And like I said, realism is good for goals.

5. Visit the Salt Flats, Bolivia

salt flats in Bolivia

They just seem so surreal, I want to see them for myself.

6. Get Barrelled

So, for this one I might need another 10-15 years of surf practice, but it’s a big one on my travel bucket list. Get barrelled on my surfboard, preferably on a tropical beach, no one else in the line-up, and catching the whole thing on video with my GoPro. If any CT surfer is willing to give me some pointers, I’m game if you are!

7. Weekend in New York

Seeing the sights, champagne brunch, shopping spree with a limitless credit card afterwards. That’s the dream, although I’m not sure how to do so on a budget. I see good deals one flights to New York quite often, so who know what I might do…

8. See the Pyramids

Although I have been to Luxor and seen my fair share of the Valley of the Kings and Queens, I still haven’t seen the pyramids. Although I’m a little worried it might end like my visit to the Taj Mahal, a little underwhelming to see in person.

Speaking of pyramids, all those temples and pyramids in South America are also on my travel bucket list…

9. Europe by Train

This sounds odd, but I haven’t seen that much of Europe yet. Even though it’s close to home, since I started travelling solo it was mostly to destinations further a way. I’m hoping to  travel through Europe by train (non-EU residents can find train passes here). I’m cooking up a little interrailing through Europe plan, so let’s see when I get around to it.

10. ???

I’m not sure what else should be here. Seeing the Namibian desert? A leopard lounging in a tree? Komodo island? That really dangerous road in South America? Driving the highway from Canada all the way down to the most Southern point of Chile? All of the above?

If you have any suggestions for the last item on my travel bucket list, please share in the comments!



Let my travel bucket list inspire your own!

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