When I was a teenager, I had a soft spot for rebels, anarchists and bad boys. I liked to think that I was a rebel, too. I wasn’t. (You can ask my mom.) However, most street artists are anti-establishment rebels at heart. A tour of the street art in London will show you plenty of political, funny, and stunning street art. Can I tell you a little secret? The tour was free!

Hidden street art

The amazing London-based Strawberry Tours offers 8 free walking tours in London. They also offer Harry Potter and Jack the Ripper themed tours, how awesome is that?! More traditional tours include most of the famous London landmarks. How it works you ask?

Street art in Staryard, London

How it Works

You check out their website, pick a tour, and show up at the meeting point on time. A Strawberry Tours guide will be there waiting to take you one your chosen tour. At the end you can pay what you felt it was worth, this way the tours are available for travellers with(out) any budget.

MasterPeace, street art in London

Our street art tour started at the Tower Hill underground station and lasted for about 2,5 hours. During the tour we walked around Shoreditch, were amazed by Staryard and ended in Brick lane. Our guide Olivia was incredibly knowledgable and passionate about the street art works she showed us. Her enthusiasm about the subject added another dimension to the tour. Seeing all this street art in London showed a different side of the city.

Street art in Staryard, London

Personally I loved the political message some of the artists were clearly sending. In addition, I could feel nothing short of amazement (and a little envy) at the skill some of these artists must possess.

Cheers,There's a free tour of the street art in London. Here's how it works and what you can expect when discovering graffiti, posters and art in London.


P.S. I’ve also done Strawberry Tours’ Ghost Tour and can highly recommend that one too. Nick, the tour guide, was a passionate storyteller. Some of the places we visited freaked me out properly…

P.P.S. No one paid me to write any of these things, although I wouldn’t say no to a fruit basket or some frequent flier miles in return 😉


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2 thoughts on “A Free Tour of Street Art in London

  1. Yes dearest, you were no real rebel, but the way you want to live and work around the world, is somewhat different than “normally expected” (like work, house, husband, kids). In that way, you are a kind of a rebel though! Love you for it! Your mum.

    Posted on April 29, 2017 at 17:44
    1. Yes that’s true, but I’m glad to meet more and more people with similar goals to mine 🙂

      Posted on May 5, 2017 at 10:24