You know how you meet great people along the road and say you’ll visit them at home sometime? Yet sometime never actually happens? Well we’ve changed that recently. My friend and I met this amazing Norwegian girl back in South Africa and promised we’d visit. Well guess what? We did! It was amazing.

I had no idea what Norway was like since I’d never been before. I decided to not read up on Google and leave everything up to our local guide. Which worked out splendidly.

She picked us up from the airport and we drove to Oslo, just so we could say we’d been to Oslo 😉 and also, we needed lunch. It was fun to walk around, especially the opera house was beautiful.

Opera House, Oslo

We also marvelled at how expensive the alcohol was. For the price of a glass of wine in a restaurant, we could buy 2 bottles of decent supermarket wine at home! That explained why everyone was carrying so much loot from the duty free store on the plane…

What was next was a long drive across the ‘highway’ (honestly, just a curvy two-lane road with a max of 80 km’s) towards the West of Norway. But holy **** the drive was beautiful.

Everywhere we went, I expected a bunch of hobbits being chased by orcs to run past. And elves. It was like walking around in a novel by Tolkien. Which makes sense, because apparently they wanted to film LOTR in Norway, but the government blocked it because they were afraid it would damage the environment too much.

After a late dinner and a sound night’s sleep we ran errands. It’s so much fun to take part in someone else’s life for a while, isn’t it? And went on another beautiful drive, to go on a short hike in a national park nearby, where a big surprise awaited us.

Snow. In Norway there was actual snow in the middle of the summer. We built a snowman. Because we’re adults.

The next day we packed up, moved our stuff into our friends’ campervan and hit the roads. We had Fjords to see and #fjordfies to take.

On our quest to find a campsite, we ran into a crazy Shetland pony that thought the camper was the perfect scratching post. When we left the next day he was standing there again! With friends this time. We had to lure three horses of the road using some leftover carrots…

Horse on the road

That night we stayed in a campsite in a churchyard. It was beautiful, brilliant, and kinda creepy.

Due to a series of unfortunate events our friend slept in the campervan instead of our tent.

Someone’s hot water bottle exploded at the bottom of her sleeping bag.

Ok, it was mine.

Let’s move on.

A relaxing drive back with plenty of scenic breaks brought us back to our base of operation, where the largest party of the year happened to be in full swing. We spent the night watching Netflix and chilling after our adventures, like the party-animals we are 😉

On our final morning we had a luxurious breakfast and went on a nice walk in the area, before starting the journey back the airport. Ever since I came back, I’ve been telling everyone to get a campervan and go explore Norway!



Norway, where the fairies live.

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