It’s a question that I’ve been asked a lot and I will try to answer honestly and open about my experiences using my GoPro for travelling.

Do I Need a GoPro For Travelling?

Short answer?


Long answer?

It depends on what you want to use it for.

I think a GoPro is the one gadget I own that everyone wants, yet I wouldn’t miss if I didn’t have it.

I wouldn’t want to travel without my head torch, my e-reader, or my phone. However, I honestly wouldn’t miss my GoPro much. Which is funny because my first one was stolen within a week. Also, my second one had a hardware failure, was returned dented by repairs, and then replaced once again. I’m currently on my third GoPro (all the Hero 4 silver).

If they’d offered me my money back, I might have taken it and blown it on a weekend to Prague.

Honestly, do not get a GoPro for travelling only. If you plan to take regular travel pictures, it’s pretty useless. You’d be better off investing that money into a good camera or a smartphone with a decent camera.

Then again, if you like to do or try adventurous sports, a GoPro might be the perfect addition to your packing list. I’ve taken some pretty cool shots and video’s while surfing, snorkelling, shark cage diving, and driving a tuk tuk.

Sadly, I’m terrible at actually doing anything with the video clips I take.

Surf pic while using my GoPro for travelling

Then again, I think the pictures of me with a surfboard (I wasn’t necessarily on a surfboard as much as I would’ve liked) look pretty badass in my photo album.

So my advice to anyone wondering whether they need a GoPro for travelling would be as follows:

“You don’t need one, but if you plan to do activities where it could take really cool footage and you can afford to both do those epic things and buy a GoPro to film it, go for it!”



Do you need a GoPro for travelling

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