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It’s a question that I’ve been asked a lot and I will try to answer honestly and open about my experiences using my GoPro for travelling.

Do I Need a GoPro For Travelling?

Short answer?


Long answer?

It depends on what you want to use it for.

I think a GoPro is the one gadget I own that everyone wants, yet I wouldn’t miss if I didn’t have it.

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Over the past years my backpack has taken a beating. It has been ripped, thrown about and stained (don’t buy a bikini in Thailand). However, I’ve also grown quite attached to it. I’ve used it to lug around all my belongings for weeks on end. It feels like betraying an old friend, but simply put, it’s time for a new one. But how to¬†choose a backpack? Here are several tips to help you choose a backpack.

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