Category: On The Road

I have a love/hate relationship with collecting souvenirs. Every time I go on a trip, I feel like I need to bring something back. But what?! This means that throughout the years I have collected a random assortment of Vietnamese lanterns, bracelets, posters and clothing. Then the stuff that others bring back for you, keychains, bottle openers, pen and whatnot. For a while I brought back art from all my travels. Having a high ceiling made my gallery wall awesome.

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Can travel be a tool for personal development?

Sometimes, I feel like travel is seen as something selfish. To some people, it’s still the least obvious choice. Oh, are you not looking for a job yet? Oh, you don’t have a boyfriend? Where are you going this time?

It makes me feel like traveling isn’t a valid choice. That’s why in this blog I try to argue that travel can be employed as a tool for personal development.

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