Hi everyone,

It took me about 30 hours to do so, but I arrived! It was a long and uneventful trip. After flying from Amsterdam to Doha, Doha to Joburg and then on to Durban, it still took a 2,5 hour drive to get to St. Lucia. However, good things come to those who endure long trips 😉

After a hot shower and an early night, we spent the first day driving through the iSimangaliso Wetland park. Where we snorkeled at Cape Vidal, a wold heritage site. And yes, Cape Vidal is as pretty as it sounds:

Cape Vidal, South Africa
Cape Vidal, sorry about the blur, GoPro was still wet..

Although the drive through iSimangaliso alone was worth it, we spotted (ok, ok, Steve spotted, he is the pro after all) plenty of kudu, buffalo’s and even a… black rhino! The black rhino is the rarer of the two, I’ve only seen white rhino’s so far.

black rhino South AfricaFun fact

They’re not called black and white rhino’s due to their colour. The white rhino was meant to be called a wide rhino, which refers to the wider shape of their lip. However, this got lost in translation somehow, so now we call them the black and white rhino.

I had an awesome day and it was a great start to my stay in South Africa. In addition I properly tested my new camera. Which resulted in my favourite shot of the day below. I have to admit it’s much better than taking pics with my phone.


Afterwards, I had a good nap (it’s hot enough for siesta here), we had a braai* and I drank a few of my beloved Savanna ciders. It definitely reminded me of where I am and how much I enjoy being here.



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* A braai is the South African version of a bbq, however, you can never call it a bbq!

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