About Me

Sandra eating in Sri Lanka
All smug and happy because yay – food!

That’s me! Looking all smug and happy because I had food and iced coffee.

So the informal stuff about me:

I drink and I know things.

I also love eating, coffee, and chasing sunsets. And oxford commas. Understandably I get grumpy when hungry and will not function properly without one or two doses of morning caffeine. In addition, I adore sarcastic people and dark humour. If I say something outrageous, please assume sarcasm.

My favourite colour is teal, like the ocean.

When I was growing up I’ve always wanted to be a pilot. Secretly, I still dream of being a pilot. Or a storm chaser, that would be awesome.

Instead, I went to university. I have completed a bachelor’s degree in World Religions and a minor in international management, as well as several organisational psychology courses. I’m currently finishing a two-year master’s degree in Leisure, Tourism & Environment. So, what’s next? I’m not sure, stick around and we might find out together.

I started this blog as a way to keep on learning, in this case about stuff like WordPress, webhosting & SEO. It is also a chance to keep improving my writing and to share my experiences.

Additionally, ever since I started traveling solo at the -very immature- age of 19, people have asked me all sorts of questions:

  • Are you traveling on your own?
  • Aren’t you scared?
  • How old are you?
  • Is it safe as a girl on your own?
  • Aren’t you lonely?
  • How do you afford to travel?

Truth is, I was neither scared not lonely. But I could have used some pointers and advice. Instead, I made everything up as I went along and that’s worked out splendidly – most of the time. The realisation that I could have used advice, inspired me to turn this into more than a personal blog.

I want to give advice and talk about the positives and negatives of traveling. Not to tell you what to do, but to hopefully provide you with the knowledge, resources and confidence to travel on your own.

If you have any specific questions, need reassurance, advice or have suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me.


P.S. I detest cilantro. Please don’t hate me.

Ocean in Ireland
That perfect ocean colour