It’s not a secret that I love spending time in South Africa. The weather, the accent, the ciders, and the surf. I love it all.

That’s why I thought it would be fun (and challenging) to share my 5 favourite travel experiences in South Africa.

1. Safari’sSafari favourite travel experiences in South Africa

I can’t choose which national park I liked the most. Everyone that has read the blog or seen my Instagram knows I thoroughly enjoy a day on safari. They are all different, yet always fun. Although Kruger is the most famous of the South African parks, I’ve personally really enjoyed the Hluhluwe-iMfolozi park.

2. Bloukrans Bungee Jump

If you’re not an adrenaline junkie, this might not be your cup of tea. The bungee jump at Bloukrans is the highest commercial bridge bungee jump in the world. Don’t worry though, they have a perfect safety record. It was one of the most reckless and ridiculous things I have ever done. It feels incredibly unnatural to jump of a bridge with nothing but a flimsy elastic tied to your feet.

However, it’s the most amazing experience. The adrenaline rush lasted for the rest of the day and I cannot remember a feeling happier. It’s addictive. Doing this also made me understand those really crazy adrenaline junkies better. I haven’t done anything that replicated that exact feeling since.

If you’re not keen to jump, it helps that the bridge is located in the Tsitsikamma area. This is a beautiful part of the Garden Route, so there are less scary ways to enjoy the region.

3. Wine Tastings in Stellenbosch

wine tasting favourite travel experiences in south africa

Does this need explaining? There’s wine, there’s food, there’s beautiful estates with stunning views. The only way you won’t enjoy this, is if you don’t drink wine. Although then you might still have fun seeing everyone else get knackered.

Aside from tasting wine, it’s often possible to get an explanation about the process of making wine. Sometime you might even be able to see the wine cellar.

4. Surfing in Coffee Bay

Coffee Bay favourite travel experiences inSouth AfricaAlthough South Africa has several famous surf spots, from Durban to J-Bay and Muizenberg, I loved Coffee Bay. I stayed in the Coffee Shack, which I loved for several reasons. First of all, coffee is in the name. They also had great coffee, which makes any stay more enjoyable to me.

Secondly, the surf instructors were both really nice, explained calmly and clearly, and knew when they had to cheer you on. Classes were cheap too, they were R 50 (around € 3,50) for 2 hours, including the use of a wetsuit and a surfboard. With a maximum of 5 people per class, you’ll get plenty of attention from the instructors. Which was highly annoying when you were dreamily looking at the dolphins cruising by, instead of focussed on surfing.

5. Shark Cage Diving in Gansbaai

Shark cage diving favourite travel experiences in south africaThe shark cage diving was one of the travel experiences in South Africa that I most looked forward to. I remember being fascinated by sharks since I was around the age of 6. Seeing Great White Sharks in person has been a dream come true.

So, these were my 5 favourite travel experiences in South Africa. If you have been, what were yours? Are there any on this list that you’re keen to try? Let me know down below in the comments, I’d love to hear from you!



P.S. I haven’t been paid or compensated in any way to say or recommend any of this. Although if after these reviews they’ll invite me back or turn me into an honorary lifetime member, I won’t complain…

Here you can read all about my 5 favourite travel experiences in South Africa. I hope it helps inspire your trip!

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